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Establishment Ltd.

Choose a unique quality of our services and take real comfort, because the rest will take care of us. In cooperation, we will provide comprehensive solutions from consulting to implementation. Exclusive service company there since 2005 and has had many satisfied clients. Feel free to contact us by email or phone


 Portfolio companies

  • establishment Ltd.
  • sale and purchase s.r.o.
  • abolition, merging companies
  • disencumbering persons
  • recovery
  • preparation of contracts
  • consulting services
  • Job, join us!

We offer free consultations in which you based on your ideas recommend the most suitable ownership and control structure of the company and recommend business objects and answer all your questions about the founding of the company Ltd. Setting up a company, we can provide throughout Slovakia.


Establishment Ltd. „ALL INCLUSIVE € 290

If it orders package All Inclusive“ option in all the elements needed for setting up a company for you. Our staff will ensure issuing a trade certificate, a company registered in the Commercial Register and equip the company registration with the tax authorities for payment of income tax.

Founding a company Ltd. means the preparation of all necessary documents for company formation, consulting about business objects, equipment trade license, registration of the company’s incorporation and registration of the tax office for the payment of income tax.


The price for the establishment Ltd. is included in the fee for entry in the Trade Register,

The price of the new company Ltd. we gain the following services:

  • We analyze your needs and recommend the best format based Ltd., business objects, etc
  •  We prepare all documents for company
  • We take care of issuing trade licenses
  • We prepare and I’ll ask the company for entry into the OR and then discuss excerpt from
  • Add your company to the tax office for the payment of income tax
  • We hand over all the documents and get started!
  • The entire process of establishing a company usually takes 7-10 business days.


Other costs associated with the establishment of s.r.o .:

  • € 0 fee for issuing a trade license for the free trade electronically
  • Fees for certification of signatures (10-15 )
  • charges for bank certificate of paid-up capital (price depends on Banks)

The full cost associated with the establishment of Ltd. are € 290 including all fees to national authorities in One passenger and one of the subject.

You do not own the property for a headquarters?

In this case, you can use our offer of rental company headquarters from € 29 per month
You get a virtual office in one of our addresses to retrieve e-mail or its Forwarding to your chosen address.

Company Overview s.r.o .:

Establishment of the company, one or more natural persons and one or more legal entities. Or a combination of natural and legal persons. The minimum contribution of each partner is € 750.

Of a company can be a stranger, and not have to stay in the SR. Executives must be nationals of EU and OECD without a permanent residence in Slovakia, or a citizen of another country with permanent residence in Slovakia.

The main advantages of the company form a limited liability company is a limitation of liability to the amount of capital thus normally € 5,000, whereas the trader is liable for its obligations with all its assets.

Another considerable advantage is the higher prestige Ltd. and perhaps most interesting is the possibility of optimization of taxes and contributions, allowing you to save up to several tens of percent of the company’s earnings.