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Sale of companies

Establish a company is a complex process that requires a number of legal, tax and accounting knowledge. Communication with authorities It is not easy, it needs to spend time and effort required. Unless you do not have the necessary knowledge may also prolong the process of establishing a company and unduly expensive.
Refer these worries us, while you move on to more important matters related to business or relax with friends and family.


We sell so. ready made companies were established solely for the purpose of disposing of their clients and therefore never been any activity. They are without a business history of commitments and debts are paid up.


Slovak Ready Made Company in Slovakia non-payer of VAT from 290 VAT payer from € 2,000

When you purchase a ready-made companies you can start your business almost immediately. Companies are available for immediate sale with all the necessary legal documents. Appointment of a director is legally valid on the date of signature of documents. Other changes consequent registration in the Commercial Register lasts about a week.

As part of the transfer is possible within a single fee to change the name and registered office of the company, line of business managers and associates. The company will in the case of interest we ensure the registration of VAT payers.

Sale of VAT payers

We sell companies that are registered for VAT purposes. We offer newly established so-called. Ready made from € 2,200. Society as well as older companies with a history offered at competitive prices (on request)
Sale of your company

You are the owner of the company or companies that have ceased doing business and have decided to sell the company? Find a suitable purchaser may not be easy. The team will however be glad to help.

Therefore, we offer the possibility to sales for your company.
Ready made companies in the Czech Republic from € 1,200

We offer our customers the sale of a limited liability company (Ltd.) in the Czech Republic.

When purchase a ready-made Ltd. You can start a business within hours. Shelf Corporation will transfer to the new owner during a single visit by a notary. It is the easiest and fastest way to get to your own Ltd. .

Ready made companies in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Dominican Republic and Cuba – More information on request

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