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Repeal of companies

Repeal of companies

To exit your business or to cancel your company and you do not have enough time and knowledge to complete the cancellation process performed by ourselves? Please contact us.

We will advise you which way to cancel is best for you, prepare the groundwork for the cancellation and, if necessary, take all the administrative tasks for you.

Sale of your company

You are the owner / owners of functional companies or companies that have ceased doing business and have decided to sell the company? Find a suitable purchaser may not be easy. Therefore, we offer the possibility to sales for your company.

Disposal of companies – from € 290

Liquidation of the company is the way to settle the assets and liabilities of non-judicial manner. During the liquidation finds all company assets, shall be covered by the company’s liabilities to creditors and possible liquidation balance will be distributed among the members or shareholders.

The conditions for withdrawal of liquidation are insufficient assets to meet all obligations in full.

Liquidation is incorporation within 5 days. Thus, the company may not have to pay tax license. From the liquidation of a company it is possible, if necessary, select“ and take her on.

Abolition of ex officio ex officio € 850

From an administrative point of view it is to let the owner of the easiest company to cancel AB for failure to fulfill one of the obligations eg. administration of financial statements in the Collection of Deeds, the abolition of company headquarters and so on. The company can not have assets and debts.

Here, the court has no deadline, and the process usually takes several years and during this time the company has a valid license.

Merger of companies from € 1200 years and during this time the company has a valid license.

If you have 2 or more of the companies which are no longer not intended to be used for business najjenoduchším method of termination of the merging company to another. Merger by the incorporation within 5-10 days. In case you are indebted company contact us

  • The company after the merger expires, thus may not remain valid license. All liabilities and assets acquired company takes over a company in which the bile.
If you would like to dissolve the Company, please contact us. Based on the state of your requirements and determine the best way to cancel.

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